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På sporet af Hans Christian Andersen i

Odense Pavillon på EXPO 2010 i Shanghai


Spinning Wheels


Odense, the third-largest city in Denmark, and the city of birth of word-fameous author and writer Hans Christian Andersen, is taking part in the EXPO 2010 World Exhibition.



Odense was selected, among many other cities, because of our major commitment to cycling, which is an important aspect of urban life and is a sustainable and eco-friendly way for people to get about in the city.


Kilder: Hovedparten af teksten er set på plancher på EXPO2010 i Shanghai. Foto: Lars Bjørnsten Odense September 2010

Spinning Wheels.

The city of Odense.


"What one can invent" Title of a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale from 1869

"Now it was time for work"

From Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale "Two Maidens" 1853

"The once was a merchant so wealthy that he could have paved a whole street with silver, and still have had enough left to pave a little alley too" From Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale "The flying trunk" 1839

"Come health and long life for the thousands...", "Its quite true!" Title og Hans Christian Andersens fairy tale from 1852

City Design

Urban planning is of great importance when modelling a liveable, clean and accessible city. Odense is a centre for modern mobility planning, which combines quality and function. We continuously test new and intelligent traffic solutions to promote bicycle use and strengthen the bicycle culture.

Think city design

The first Bicycle path in Denmark was constructed in the city of Odense more than 100 years ago today,

Odense was more bicycle paths and lanes per inhabitant than any other city in the world all have different purposes.

- high speed lanes to and from work

- Safe routes to our schools

- Scenic paths to main attractions

- Shortcuts through downtown areas

- And many more....

"One sees oneself reborn in the dear children - all that happiness now awaits them" From Hans Christian Andersen in a private letter 1836

Spinning Wheels  Choose

Bikes for everybody!


Customized bicycles are our specialty and guarantee that everybody can ride a bike, electric bicycles, recumbent bicycles, and specially constructed three-wheeled bikes are found i our city, along with the traditional bicycles.

This optimizes mobility and improves health for all residents.


Bikes for everybody!

Go Further

In Odense we aim for sustainability, and our traffic policies integrate the bicycle at the same level as other means of transportation, such as the car.

Bicycles and public transportation are combined wherever possible, and new traffic concepts are continuously developed.

Live. A nation of winners. "The wind was so strong that he had to struggle to keep his feet on the ground". From Hans Christian Andersens fairy tale "The Ugly Duckling" 1843

Odense has fostered many professional cyclists:
  • The Odense legend, Thorvals Ellegaard, won 925 professional cycling races around the world during his professional career. This lasted from 1895 to 1926, an impressive 31 active years in professional cycling.
  • Peder Pedersen held the world record in 1000 m sprintning competitions and participated in the 1964,1968, and 1972 olympic games.
  • Odense's professional cyclist Alex Rasmussen and Casper Jorgensen won silver medals in the cycling competitions at Beijing 2008 summer olympics

The most famous danish professional cyclist is Bjarne Riis. He won the 1996 Tour de France, and has since managed several successful danish Tour de France teams.


Danish and chinese research shows that by choosing the bicycle instead of the car, you can prolong your life significantly.

Riding a bicycle shows responsibility towards your health and is an acitve way to prevent many lifestyles diseases.

The university of southern Denmark, located in Odense, is renowned for its research in bicycles, health and lifestyle disease. The university cooperates with researchers worldwide, host international conferences, and attracts students from all over the world



Teaching our children good traffic habits is an investment for the future.

Children devolop balance before strength.

To ride training-bikes, that have no pedals, makes it much safer to start riding a real bicycle later on.


at work

"come health and long life for the thousands..." Hans christian Andersen in the Dryaden.

A fairy tale written whem the poet Hans Christian Andersen visited the Paris world EXPO 1867

Odenses udstilling med store ruder. I baggrunden ses byen Shanghais udstilling. Der var indrettet som et hus med lejligheder a la kinesisk stil. Facaden på udstillingen, med masser af cykelstativer, men ingen cykler. Da man ikke kunne medtage cykler på EXPO området i Shanghai.

Ved indgangen til Odense pavillonen bliver man modtaget af "stempelmanden" vistnok eneste ansatte kineser på Odense udstillingen. Desuden ses det gyldne Solhovedet, som kan ses mange steder i Odense og en plakat med H.C. Andersen og dansk tekst samt overskrift på kinesisk. I baggrunden ses højhuse, der rummer en del af Shanghai befolkning. Dem der har råd til at betale for en sådan lejlighed.
Guiderne på Odense udstillingen har haft en temadag, hvor besøgende kunne lave papirklip a la H.C. Andersen , Her ses et  smukt klippet papirklip med "solhoved" i grønt papir udført af en kineser

En plakat opslået ved indgangen til Odense udstillingen på EXPO 2010

City of Odense, Denmark. Reviving the bicycle. Shanghai EXPO 2010. World Car Free Day Shanghai September 22 nd 2010

10.00 - 13.00 . Join the Odense staff at the Cool Bike Ride from Nanjing Road to Cool Docks

17.00 -22.30. Join the party at Odense pavillion incl. DJ, bike show and live music.

At den 22 sept. 2010 skulle være verdens bilfri dag kunne ikke ses i Shanghai!

Bilfrie dage. Nej det oplevede vi ikke i Shanghai. Overalt masser af biler, broer , veje. Store og små huse og millioner af mennesker. Dejligt at komme hjem til "landsbyen" Odense igen !!


Mange forskellige cykeltyper var udstillet på Odense - udstillingen på EXPO 2010 i Shanghai

Use your Head!

Cool danish helmet design expresses individual, and makes it possible to combine safety and style. Wearing a helmet has become a conscious choice among danish cyclists.

De enlightened!

In Denmark, lights on bicycles - also in the daytime - are common and have reduced accidents involving cyclists by 32%, magnetic light are an example of danish innovation and functional design.

They are always on, and function without batteries or friction

"...The lights twinkled like hundreds of stars"

From Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale "The little Mermaid", 1837

  • Think ahead!
  • Choose now!
  • Live longer!

"They admired the place and its garden, but when they heard the nightingale they said, "That is the best of all!""  From Hans Christian Andersens fairy tale the Nightingale, 1844.




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