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Introduction: Hans Christian Andersen - and the children of Europe


 Hans Christian Andersen  - and the children of Europe


This teaching material is primarily being offered to members of the "Andersen Fellowship", but others are also welcome to use the ideas which will then -intentionally or unintentionally ­help further the purpose of the "Andersen Fellowship":

 1. International dimensions in teaching

2. Stimulating and developing the art of story-telling in Europe.

 The introduction of the 'Andersen Fellowship' as a European network of primary schools, kin­dergartens and schools of special education, offers the opportunity of experiencing a solidarity with the cultures of other countries and, at the same time, gives an understanding of one's own, national identity.

Fairy tales and stories contain in fact a multitude of cultural values which today are so often overlooked, therefore working with fairy tales and stories is a good stepping stone to international understanding.

The purpose of this material is to give specific ideas and references as to how the task might be tackled.

The material is a collection of ideas -use them or not as it suits your particular situation. There is, however, no doubt that the individual teacher might find it a daunting task to move from the eloquence of a carefully-worded declaration of intent into the day-to-day classroom teaching. Please consider this material as a helping hand.

 We have made a division into three levels:

a. Children from 5 to 8 years old.

b. Children from 9 to 11 years old.

c. Children from 12 to 14 years old.


You are naturally welcome to change these groupings to suit your own purposes. Each section begins with certain educational observations that describe more precisely the aim of the suggestions for the various tasks. Each section ends with an invitation to let the pupils' own products be the object of methodical treatment.

All that remains is to get started!


We would like to thank the following in particular for their help and good advice:  

Odense Municipal School Services

-Teaching consultants Karsten Henningsen and Erik Rønn

-The Hans Christian Andersen Museum.


Odense, May 1993.

 Yrsa Hrab and Flemming Andersen Spurvelundskolen, Odense. DENMARK.




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