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"The Princess and the Pea"


The programme is estimated to be carried out for example by two teachers and approx. 25 pupils over a period of  20 hours.



1. The story of "The Princess and the Pea" is read aloud or told.


2. Discuss the fairy tale, characters, setting, etc. with the pupils.


3. Create the following groups:



Puppet Show

(theatre, paper puppets)


Punch and Judy Show

(stick puppets)





Shadow Play

(pupils as figures)


Radio Play

(tape recorder)






Divide the fairy tale into acts:


a. Narrator (for introduction)

b. The arrival of the princess

c. The bedroom in the castle

d. At night (the princess moaning and sighing)

e. In the morning

f. The wedding (cabinet of curiosities)


Choosing roles:


The princess

The king

The queen

The maids of honour The prince

The narrator




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