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Hans Christian Andersen and Europe


 The subjects we suggest here are so complex and so dependent upon the available resources and an understanding of these that we have not ventured to estimate time consumption, number of pupils, etc.


This programme must be adapted to the daily life in the school in question.


However, one can easily work in large or small groups within a class, or choose to let the subjects form the basis for the collective teaching of several classes in the same school.


Nor have we indicated lists of material as the subjects are very open ended.


Therefore, we would like to suggest that you consider the following merely an inspiration for structuring an overall teaching plan.


Accompany Hans Christian Andersen through your own country -and drop him off at the border.


Based on their actual knowledge of Hans Christian Andersen's life and fairy tales the pupils follow his travels in their own country.


Draw in his journey on old maps, investigate which famous people he met and then include sections -short or long -with biographies of these people.


Study lifestyles of the past (houses, clothes, eating habits, health conditions, social con­ditions, etc.). Compare them with present conditions.


We suggest that old photos/paintings be copied and compared with the present day environment.

A special section may be set aside for the description of the means of transportation then and now.


This comprehensive task of describing the past in one' s own country -compared with the present -is collected and exhibited as posters with captions in one's own language and in English. It will then be possible to enclose the exhibition when Hans Christian Andersen is 'dropped off' at the border to the next country. This travelling exhibition will gradually become quite extensive, in time maybe complete, and it can then be used in different connections in the various countries.





Hans Christian Andersen: My Life's Fairy Tale (translated into most European languages).

In addition to this, other publications on the same subject in one's own language.


Famous people who Hans Christian Andersen met:


Grimm, Thorvaldsen, Dickens, Hugo, Dumas -and many, many others.


Travel Tales:


The Flying Suitcase, The Balloon, Elf-Hill (inspired by Harzen, Germany), The Flea, The Professor and many more.




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