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"The Flying Suitcase"



The programme can be carried out with one or two teachers and approx. 25 -30 pupils in 20 hours.



1. Read aloud/narrate "The Flying Suitcase".


2. Find a selection of illustrations. Compare and discuss the illustrations.




Paper cutouts





Shiny paper or thin cardboard paper

Hobby knife

Small sharp-pointed scissors


Spray glue and coloured cardboard to display the finished product.


1. The pupils distribute the 'scenes'.


2. The pupils make sketches, wherever possible including scenes from the entire fairy tale, e.g.


  • a. The rich merchant's prospects

  • b. The son's reckless life

  • c. The suitcase

  • d. Landing in Turkey

  • e. Visiting the Princess

  • f. The fairy tale (various situations)

  • g. The Prince is promised the Princess h. Back in the forest again

  • i. The Princess is waiting.






3. The pupils will be divided into groups  that will produce:


  • Paper cutouts

  • Drawings

  • Paintings

  • Strip cartoons 1

  • Strip cartoons 2










3. Draw the picture on the reverse side of  the chosen paper.


4. Cut away excess paper and the subject  will remain.


5. The cutouts will be displayed as a complete exhibition.







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