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"Picturesque America" og Hans Christian Andersen

Bogen "Picturesque America" er foræret til H.C. Andersen sammen med 200 $ af amerikanske børn.


Boston scenes                                                    Brev 20 juni 1874 fra New York


I U.S.A. havde folk i 1874 fået den fejlagtige opfattelse, at Andersen på sin gamle dage var meget fattig og derfor modtog H.C. Andersen flere breve fra den amerikanske ungdom med indsamlede penge til hans underhold. Dette var en situation som Andersen ikke selv brød sig om.

"Newark, New Jersey 20. juni 1874

Dear Sir

I have cut this article from the "New York Tribune" to send to you thinking it will pleasure to know you have true and grateful friends here. Please accept this dollar also and please use it for something you need. I have long thought I would write to you and thank you for pleausure you have given me. Every time I read your stories I find something new to admire. They are as frure and fresh as only a real poet's can be. Papa says that I am seventeen to day, that the dollar is my...................."


Brevet til Hans Christian Andersen er fra den amerikanske pige Abigail Tompkins og dateret den 20. juni 1874  Newark, New Jersey. Med brevet er med sendt et udklip fra "New York Tribune". Se nedenfor.




"The Childrens Debt.


A few weeks ago there was a cable dispateh to the effect that Hans Andersen, the Danish poet, lay dying; whereupon all literary journalists prepared to write skectc of his life, or in som fitting way do honor to th good old man, and a shade of gloom passed into every household in which there had been children to teach the older people to love him.

However, the obituaries were unwritten and tears unshed, for the next steamer brought word that the immediate danger was over, and the old poet, although an invalid, had, it was hoped, several years of life yet before....."


Udklip fra "New York Tribune"


Foto:  Lars Bjørnsten Odense




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