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Denmark - EXPO 2010 Shanghai China

Welcome to Denmark

A country where modern life makes fairytales come true. Say hello to The Little Mermaid. We brought her along all the way from home because we believe in sharing what we love. Experience a touch of imagination and human warmth and feel the excitement of the unexpected.


We have asked some of our best young artist to give their impression of live in Denmark today.

Go City Biking ! 

Go around the pavillion by bike.

Just like you can go around Danish cities planned for bicycles and pedestestrians rather than cars

Have a City Swim !

Dip yours toes in the water by the mermaid.

Just like you can in Copenhagen or in other Danish cities where industrial harbours are being transformed into clean and fresh city beaches.

The Little Mermaid's trip from Copenhagen to Shanghai 8271 Km.

Enjoy Family Time! Let kids play on the playground and spend family time together around a Danish picnic

Basic Facts Denmark China
  Kingdom of Denmark People's Republic of China
Size 43094 Km2 9597000 Km2
Population 5,5 million 1,3 billion
Biggest Tourist Attraction The Little Mermaid The Great Wall
Urban population 87% 46%
Number of bicycles pr. capita 0,83 0,32
Cities with population above 1. million 1 122
Building over 30 storeys 2 Copenhagen 847 Shanghai


Tales of where we're going

Take Denmark Home! Get our own copy of the Denmark book and learn more about all the technologies and ideas that shape the way we're going to live tomorrow. This book is about the six steps to a happy and sustainable city. It's about Denamrk and it's about China. But mostly it's about what we can do together. Because better cities are built on collaboration, dialogue and partnerships. Architecture, Energy, Water, Trade, Design, Food.


Peter Funch. Happiness is doing what you love and loving what you do. No matter where you are. There are five million Danes. We have five million different stories to tell. Stories about what makes us happy. Being together with friends or family. On your way from A to B or working late on something you're really passionate about. Taking a day off in fresh beatiful nature. What do you love. Photographs of happy Danes by Peter Funch


Foto: Lars Bjørnsten 2010. Kilde: Tekst fra opslag på EXPO 2010 i Shanghai sept.2010




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