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H.C. Andersen: Last entries in the diary 1875




14.6. 'They are definitely tired of me out here,. and I am also too much trouble. - My spirits today are very low. Lord! Lord! What is to become of me, miserable sick man!'

. 'A lovely, saintly, soul-glad day. Woke up suddenly; I thought, from a cry in the night
by myself All the joy and forgiveness I thought lay before me suddenly sank so awfully.

Foto:  Lars Bjørnsten Odense




21.7. 'How rich is time! Like milliards of perfumes. Milliards of thoughts. Explainable, though, by the strangeness of my thought.

What fear, formerly, for every letter by foot post,. rudenesses one dared not or would not put in any paper. Comic love affairs. ..'

23.7. 'Often so little strength, as one dies, that it is completely disappearing through our smallest nerve. It leads to a clarity that also gives its light.

3.8. Andersen hardly slept at all last night. In reply to my question about how he feels he keeps answering' I know nothing at all.'
His eyes seem to have a veil over them.


Foto: Obsequies of Hans Christian Andersen in Our Lady's Church, August 18, 1875




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