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Hans Christian Andersen - Danish Journal 1976   


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He struck chords that reverberated in  every human breast .

By Bo Grønbech


Last entries in the diary 1875


Andersen: what was he like ?

By Elias Bredsdorff


Bachelor goes a-wooing .

By Lise Sørensen


The emperor's different clothes

By Erik Dal


What a pity that Arnerica lies so far away from here .

By Erik Haugaard


A great journalist who never wanted to be a journalist.

By Jens Kruuse





Travelling by train.

By Hans Christian Andersen

Godfather could tell stories, cut out pictures and draw

By Jan Zibrandtsen

H. C. Andersen's House .

By Niels Oxenvad

Dates in the life of Hans Christian Andersen.



Special issue of DANISH JOURNAL commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen's death on August 4, 1875. "The Danish Jounal" is a magazine about Denmark, published by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Christiansborg, DK-1218 Copenhagen K. Editors : Anders Georg, Head of the Press and Cultural Relations Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ole Kjær Madsen and Jørgen V. Larsen. Material contained in Danish Jounal does not necessarily reflect the opinions, official policy, approach or attitude of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Udgivet her efter aftale med Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



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